Iconic Buildings to Rise Next to Historic Cathedral in Laoag City, Philippines


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May 15, 2021 - Manila, Philippines -

Architecture is a long-standing profession that has produced the iconic landmarks we admire around the world, monuments which we revere and played in establishing the cities we live in today. This description is the future of a brighter Laoag City, Philippines. Soon the Philippines will catch the eyes of the world as iconic infrastructure are to be constructed at the heart of the city.

Dantru Development Corporation Projects Director, Arsenio R. Robledo, Jr. confirmed this after the Board of Directors issued a resolution which led to the signing of a contract with the Archdiocese of Laoag, through Bishop Renato Mayugba.

According to Dantru CEO, Floriendelyn L. Sibonga, he has envisioned transforming the San Guillermo Cathedral Compound into a World-Class Commercial Plaza which will house a Medical Plaza, a Hotel and a Commercial Center complete with a church museum and Alfresco Cafes all around. This project is expected to finish almost 3 years.

The complex is calledSan Guillermo Shopping Complex and it is designed by acclaimed Architect Rex Holifena.

Alfresco dining european-style atmosphere will soon be seen in a shopping complex laid in granite cobblestone imported from Czech Republic, the same granite that is seen in Prague Palaces and churches... complete with Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers, and Bulgarian-trained Filipinos made-in-the-Philippines stained glass.

Community type of investment participation based on theRPConnect program is sought.