Noubikko Heads for a Big Relaunch; Bares Modern Spin on Today's Gowns


by Alexis Murien 279 Views comments

LONDON, ENGLAND (April 19, 2003) - After 12 years of the long wait, ardent habitues of haute couture in several corners, would now be a witness to a dramatic relaunch of Noubikko featuring what fashion critiques readily best described as " wow" reliving the fashion styles of Racquel Welch, Marilyn Monroe, and the likes, reinvented for a 21st century-inspired interpretation a la JLo and Julia Roberts".

Noubikko's awaited 2004 presentation, caps his nearly 2 decades of career in high-style fashion which reaffirms his professional record that, among his other known exploits, aptly proved his position in the high-end industry.

His luxuriously, hand-beaded peals and painted, luminous gowns, for instance, were regarded by many as "pieces of masterpieces" that adored the runways and became "city-talk" in a flash amongst the socialites in the fashion scene.

"What I envision right now, is a retrospective of what was hot in high fashion then, metamorphosed in a modern-day look that best fits our what is today", quipped Noubikko who had recently been traveling to key cities around the globe to promote his fashion in the U.S. and Europe.

Known for his "timeless pieces" as once described by Patrice Dannielle, Noubikko vividly defines eloquence that justly compliments details, an attribute of a la mode in taste and flair attuned to the fastly changing time, Noubi says in his fashion tips

From simple and bare to regal, posh, and fancy. Any cinderella would surely have her dream fulfilled by Noubikko's one-of-a-kind masterpiece designs.

Among his treasured works, the equally talked-about evening gowns beaded with real-life pearls will make the party head turns far and wide. "It's a marvelous creation!", exclaimed one fashionista who particularly admired "the cuts and edge skillfully executed to perfection".

Noubikko's collections are made from the rarest natural fabric materials from around the world which are gems for keeps. They are priced starting at $ 3,800 apiece.

"Fashion is much more like a gem. It should be timeless, and should go beyond the boundaries of imagination", Noubikko declared during his press conference attended by well-wishers who likewise greeted him for his success in his other investment fields.