Philippines Plans of Shopping Mall Surge in Preparation for Post Pandemic.


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April 5, 2021 - Prague, Czech Republic - San Guillermo Shopping Complex in the Northern Part of the Philippines has geared up a network of financial multiple sources initiated by project with concept to produce a pandemic-molded platform to survive the post-pandemic era.

Investment insights are underpinned by businessmen who share the real score and experience in navigating turbulent times with unique approaches to make the transition after the pandemic lockdown.

Post pandemics investment program for 2021 had indicated a propelled increase of exposure to sustainable investments.

The vulnerable economy could become sour in a split of time. Noubikko's, CEO of RPConnect said, Investors, insurers, and wealth platforms managers are now back to their drawing boards for inputs to realize post-pandemic investment opportunities. And this bridges that gap to build core allocations for opportunities which are the only key component during these times of market uncertainty.

RPConnect has over two decades of industry experience in US and Europe. The company had been driving awareness through extensive program.

Noubikko's “Join the Program” approach is convincing and somehow investors are jumping into the wagon. He is San Francisco’s Most Oustanding Entrepreneur in the '90's and his experience in the early days of the Silicon Valley in California can be done successfully again.