6 Customers Dominating the Sports Sector with Domo

Here’s how six customers—including the Australia Dodgeball Federation—partner with Domo to dominate the sports sector.

Jul 8, 2024 - 01:27
6 Customers Dominating the Sports Sector with Domo

Dodgeball isn’t just for the schoolyard anymore. Adults across Australia are hitting the court to duck, dive, dip, and dodge their way to victory. But managing all the disparate leagues the players belong to is far from child’s play. 

Behind the competitive university, local, and state leagues popping up across the country is the Australian Dodgeball Federation (ADF), the official governing body of dodgeball in Australia. While players are out on the courts enjoying the games, officials like ADF President Reece Strong are working to manage the logistics and operations of the nonprofit, ensuring that the volunteer-driven organization is meeting the needs of its member leagues throughout the country.

Facing disconnected sources of data from each league, Reece admits to having blind spots that can make it difficult to efficiently operate the organization’s different events and programs. So he turned to a familiar solution—Domo—where he also works as an account development manager.

Through Domo for Good, which allows nonprofits to use the data platform for free, the ADF has built finance, marketing, and operations dashboards that have enabled the organization to better collect and analyze data. Using the platform, the ADF can make critical decisions about business activities like advertising efforts to attract new players and fuel growth in dodgeball leagues.

“I’ve been able to track the attributions of people who see an ad, go to our website, click our members’ links, and start visiting their websites, which is quite powerful, because it helps me start to show some of the value that I’m providing our member organizations,” Strong said.  

The platform has also helped him better manage the organization’s financial health by tracking spending on training programs and travel for players attending different ADF-run events. With easy-to-understand financial dashboards, he can provide a clear picture on finances to other volunteers leading their programs across different Australian regions.

“It’s really just about making our volunteers’ lives easier and more streamlined,” Strong said. “These people are time-poor enough and they’re not getting paid to do this…I don’t have a lot of volunteers so [I don’t want] the ones I do have to burn out.”

The ADF is just one of many sports-centric companies using Domo’s tools to make data-driven decisions that can help them score wins for their members, customers, and fans. Take a look at five other companies that are hitting it out of the park with the help of Domo.   

ESPN: How can data keep customers glued to the game?

What ESPN does: ESPN, Inc. is the global leader in multimedia sports entertainment. Its portfolio includes 32 TV networks, 13 websites, over 90 broadband networks, seven radio stations, and many other mobile apps and consumer products. 

Challenge: ESPN needed a way to quickly aggregate customer comments to spot emerging issues with broadcasts and identify which services were affected before they caused subscriber churn. With a large set of content distribution partners, the organization wanted greater visibility into existing activity to improve service quality levels.

Solution: By using a Domo custom app that analyzes frequently mentioned issues and compares them to historical data, ESPN’s entire customer care team has access to real-time information and reports on service issues. The team can rapidly detect where attention is needed and enhance customer experiences that drive subscription renewals, while executives can more easily monitor overall system health. 

Favorite quote: “When it comes to this data and how we use it, nothing says, ‘We hear our fans, we know them now, we value them,’ like showing them that we have been able to take what they say and do something about it.”—Jennifer Lien, Data and Reporting Lead for ESPN Fan Support

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New Zealand Rugby League: How can data fill stadium seats?

What the New Zealand Rugby League does: The New Zealand Rugby League (NZRL) is a national nonprofit organization that oversees the growth, development, and delivery of the country’s rugby league and manages its professional international teams.

Challenge: After a two-year pandemic resulting in zero professional rugby league games on home soil, NZRL was given the chance to host an international double-header Test match. But the lack of play had left some fans feeling disengaged and officials worried that they wouldn’t be able to fill the stands. 

Solution: NZRL chose Domo’s platform to help the organization execute a data strategy designed to increase fan engagement and boost ticket sales. Leveraging its historical ticket data, marketing data, social media data, and customer data, NZRL crafted targeted marketing campaigns that grew its email subscriber list from 12,000 to 50,000 passionate fans and helped the organization sell out an international rugby league event in New Zealand for the first time since the 1988 Rugby League World Cup final. 

Favorite quote: “Before Domo, we didn’t really have clear insight into who we were marketing to or confidence in the impact of it. When we got Domo, we were able to see how each email we sent was directly correlated to ticket sales, which is something that we’ve never done before.”—Sophie Wills, General Manager of Communications and Marketing at NZRL

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TaylorMade Golf: How can data deliver top-of-the-line equipment to players’ doors?

What TaylorMade Golf does: TaylorMade is one of the golf industry’s most innovative product manufacturers, producing equipment like the P·Series irons, the Milled Grind 3 wedges, and the TP5/TP5x golf balls. 

Challenge: With more than 1,600 employees to support and information funneling in from disparate sources, the comparatively small business intelligence team at TaylorMade struggled to collect and share data across its global operations.

Solution: To power its operations and drive the next great breakthrough in golf, TaylorMade uses Domo to gather, cleanse, and visualize data for sales, marketing, operations, and leadership teams worldwide.

Everyone from warehouse managers to C-suite executives can instantly access data and insights through Domo’s mobile app, providing them with an enhanced view of the company’s health and visibility into the KPIs they use to measure success.

Favorite quote: “Domo’s mobile access lets us leverage data at the very highest levels of the organization all the way down to where people are packing up products and sending them out the door…By having all our curated data in one place, Domo provides a single version of the truth that is readily available to whoever needs it.”—David Damitz, Global Business Intelligence Team Lead at TaylorMade Golf

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Sportsnet: How can data convert casual viewers into die-hard fans?

What Sportsnet does: Sportsnet is Canada’s number one sports network, connecting fans with their favorite teams and leagues across hockey, baseball, basketball, and more by delivering thousands of hours of live games, news, and original content each year.

Challenge: The sheer amount of programming offered by Sportsnet produces a massive trove of data that the network can use to better connect with its most passionate consumers. But disconnected sources and hard-to-access data left the company unable to focus on valuable analysis of its customers’ behavior and engagement. 

Solution: Thanks to Domo, Sportsnet easily integrated all of its data sources into a single, robust dashboard, where viewers can access and perform their own analyses on customer subscription and viewership data.

Being able to create highly targeted customer segments has allowed the network to reduce customer churn by 10 percent and efficiently acquire new viewers with similar characteristics to its most valuable customers.  

Favorite quote: “Domo lets users answer questions on their own, which lets us focus on being more scientific and running complex data experiments.”—Sylvan Grunwald, Head of Growth Analytics at Sportsnet

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World Rugby: How can data sustain sponsor support?

What World Rugby does: World Rugby is the international federation responsible for overseeing the sport. The organization works with 128 national member federations to hold tournaments and championships, improve player welfare, and make the sport more accessible.

Challenge: As an international federation, World Rugby is constantly receiving data from different systems around the world about everything from ticket sales to game statistics. To help better understand its fan base and identify opportunities for growth, World Rugby needed a centralized system to manage its data and share insights with members and sponsors. 

Solution: World Rugby uses Domo to carefully track every aspect of the sport so it can provide the most value to sponsors. With Domo, the organization can collect and share data ranging from revenue and TV ratings to game statistics and in-match metrics.

Statistics can, in turn, be used to inform rule changes that can eliminate unnecessary time stoppages and determine when it’s safe to clear injured players, ensuring that the game is both entertaining and safe. 

Favorite quote: “When a sponsor supports a World Rugby event, they need to see what the return is on their investment. It’s no longer just about getting tickets to a match. They want to achieve specific KPIs. Domo allows us to meet our sponsor expectations and prove ROI so they continue to help us grow our sport.”Anthony Downey, Business Partner and Projects Manager at World Rugby

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